Amanda Peet to Stephen Colbert: I Fear Death :)

Amanda Peet went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to promote the second season of her very good HBO show, Togetherness. Somewhere along the way, things got Real.

Peet, who was daffy and charming and sucking on a Ricola to control a cough, talked a bit about Game of Thrones (her husband David Benioff is one of the showrunners) before Colbert asked about one of the themes of Togetherness, the midlife crisis. “You’ve got a lovely life! What do you know from a midlife crisis, is this a stretch for you?”

No!” Peet replied, giving him a look. “44 is really, it’s quite something,” she added, noting that she had her third child about a year ago.


“What do you worry about?” Colbert asked.

“I fear death!” she responded, later adding “I need to know what to believe in!” and “I want to haunt my children!”

Stars are just like us!

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I Fear Death :)

and the award for best use of an emoticon goes to.... ELLIE!

*crowd goes nuts*