Amanda Palmer Has Killed the Entire Jezebel Staff

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Amanda Palmer wrote a poem for Jonathan Chait.

Specifically, she was inspired to write a poem after she cheered on his article about "political correctness" and somebody (apparently) responded by saying that she was getting her Dresden Dolls tattoo covered.


Title: "On Reading the Tweet from the Girl Proclaiming She's Getting Her Dresden Dolls Tattoos Covered Up Due to an Article I Tweeted a Link to About the Dark Sides of Online Political Correctness." Sample lines: "I'm still there/underneath./i'm still there/and still love you. (you could laser me off, i suppose, but I'd linger./i'd prefer being subsumed by a comparable singer.)"

The entire staff of Jezebel is now dead. We have been killed by Amanda Palmer writing a poem in support of Jonathan Chait, on the occasion of someone tattooing over her Dresden Dolls tattoo. We have become the endless sound of wind whistling lonely and loud across the moors.


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zap rowsdower

As a person who got into a weird twitter fight with this lady over her watching 12 years a slave and it causing her to think about how mean people were being to Macklemore, I can attest that she is the goddamn worst.