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Amanda Lucas Knows All the Jujutsu

Did you know that Amanda Lucas, daughter of George Lucas, is an MMA fighter specializing in the Japanese art of grappling the shit out of someone known as Jujutsu? (There's also a Brazilian version, which you can learn all about on Spike while listening to Joe Rogan scream into a microphone.) Well, she is, and now there's a documentary chronicling her mixed martial arts odyssey. The trailer makes her seem endearing, and makes George Lucas, the same man who famously told Carrie Fisher that she couldn't wear a bra while playing Princess Leia because there are no underpants in space, seem like an awesome dad.


via Buzzfeed

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Can I just say, as a meaty girl myself, who is in no way, shape, or form actually in shape, it is very inspiring to see a meaty girl who still has body fat that is also tough as fuck? She could possibly snap my neck in two if she wanted. You go, Amanda.