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Amanda Knox Wants Court to Overturn Her Sentence

Illustration for article titled Amanda Knox Wants Court to Overturn Her Sentence

Amanda Knox asked the Italian Appeals Court to overturn her 26-year sentence for murdering her roommate in 2007, and her ex's 25-year sentence, too. "We are innocent," she told the judges. They'll decide on December 18. Meantime, rough chuckles.


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Kat Callahan

I'm no legal expert, but I am aspiring law student, and am working on a masters in government... Whether by European Law or by English (American Law), Knox's trial has been what I can only call a total sham, and that's the real problem.

If Knox did it, and the evidence showed it, then why did the prosecution have to create circumstantial and highly complex explanations of how that evidence supposedly fits together?

If Knox didn't do it, and the evidence presented requires all those circumstantial and highly complex explanations to even make sense, then we have serious abuse of power.

This case reeks, REEKS, of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. Even if Italian law somehow allows these ridiculous antics, it's certainly unethical and both the original prosecutor and the judge should be censured, disbarred, etc.

Amanda Knox, guilty or innocent, deserved, and still deserves, a fair trial. She hasn't had one.