Those of you who were waiting with bated breath for Amanda Knox and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito to pen dueling memoirs will rejoice at the news that both have acquired literary agents. According to TMZ, Knox has signed with Robert Barnett, who has also represented a bipartisan slate of political memoirists including Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Sollecito, meanwhile, will be working with Sharlene Martin, who represents such authors as Debra Barrus, author of From Mormon to Madame, which "reveals her trials and tribulations in the dating world and in relationships with controlling and abusive men, her entry into the brothel business, her battle with her dishonest business partner and her struggle โ€” aided by two female veterans of the industry โ€” in making the bordello a rousing success." Somehow, we bet Sollecito's book will be more fun.