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Time to stop busting your mom's balls for going to Supercuts (or vice versa). Inspired by Anne Hathaway's $600 pixie cut, ABC's 20/20 Confessions sent four women into the wilds of Hollywood to get haircuts with very different price points. They got the women out on the street to see if anyone could tell the difference between the $28, $75, $200 and $600 cuts, probably on ABC's dime.*

Leave your guesses in the comments. I'll give you a second.

There are better close-ups on the ABC News website.

Choose your choices.

Of the people asked, only some guy named Brandon got them all correctly. ("I'm kind of embarassed.")


OK, here it is.

*Totally explains the stankface on Miss $28. I feel you.

20/20 5/3: Secret Confessions (Full Episode) []


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