Almost 40% Of Women Use Their Period As An Excuse To Get Out Of Lame Things

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My glorious monthly flow (or, at least, my convincing lies to Mrs. Dunn about having it at that very moment) sure served me well during the swim portion of high school gym class, but for almost half of women, it doesn't end there. An online study of 1,000 women has found that 38% of women have used our menstrual cycle as an excuse to duck out of an activity that seemed unappealing at the time. Like sports, mostly! Or, gulp, sex—which one in seven women admitted to dodging by citing Aunt Flo.

20% of the women said they brought up their period to provide an excuse for their moodiness or irritability, and some also admitted it just gave them a chance to call in sick and relax. (10% of women do have to call in sick due to the severity of their menstrual cramps.) The best part of the study? "No guilt about lying—mostly via phone or text—was reported." But that hardly makes up for the fact that our spot has now been blown up and we can't play fake-period-hooky anymore. Show this to no one.


Now do yourself a favor and watch this Kids In The Hall sketch that's totes relevant.

'About 40% Women Lie About Having a Period as an Excuse: Survey' [Counsel & Heal]

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

Not gonna lie, I get irritated when women use menstrual cramps as an excuse to get out of work. It adds to the reputation that women are unreliable due to their basic anatomy when you're calling in once a month. Take an aspirin and work through it. If your cramps are truly disabling-bad, lie and say you have the flu or something. The rest of the women you work with will be grateful.