Ally Hilfiger Once Gave Her Dad a Plate of Poop Because of Lyme

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In her new book Bite Me, Ally Hilfiger—star of the seminal MTV reality show Rich Girls, daughter of Tommy Hilfiger, and sufferer of chronic Lyme disease—describes a moment in which she served her father a platter of poop.


In an interview with Page Six, Hilfiger, discussing the time leading up to her Lyme diagnosis, says, “For about a month I started to unravel and it was basically a psychotic breakdown caused by the Lyme disease entering my brain and the stress of the TV show [MTV’s 2003 “Rich Girls”] and parents divorcing. He [Tommy] didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even function. It was crazy, it was so intense.”

“I kept telling [my dad] that I was sick,” she continues. “He wasn’t getting the message. I got out of bed, grabbed a silver tray off a table, went into the bathroom, defecated on it, and handed it to him. ‘You gotta get this tested,’ I said.”

Yes. Yes. We’ve certainly all been there.

During the Page Six interview, Hilfiger also puts the blame for some of her more exceptional Rich Girls moments on Lyme disease.

“I had full-on Lyme brain and didn’t even know it,” she says. “I started to say things that I knew were incorrect but couldn’t stop, like, ‘My dad invented cargo pants.’ What? What the hell was I thinking? That ended up being one of the main things people like to make fun of me for saying.”

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As someone who may, right at this second have lyme disease (thanks hoarde of deer ticks that fed on my flesh, I ONLY WANTED TO SEE THE NATURE RESERVE);

1. There is no such thing as chronic lyme disease. There is just perminant damage from having it for too long and

2. I question if these ‘celebrities’ who claim chronic lyme disease have ever even been in a situation where you could possibly catch it. I mean seriously.