In her new book Bite Me, Ally Hilfigerā€”star of the seminal MTV reality show Rich Girls, daughter of Tommy Hilfiger, and sufferer of chronic Lyme diseaseā€”describes a moment in which she served her father a platter of poop.

In an interview with Page Six, Hilfiger, discussing the time leading up to her Lyme diagnosis, says, ā€œFor about a month I started to unravel and it was basically a psychotic breakdown caused by the Lyme disease entering my brain and the stress of the TV show [MTVā€™s 2003 ā€œRich Girlsā€] and parents divorcing. He [Tommy] didnā€™t know what to do. I couldnā€™t even function. It was crazy, it was so intense.ā€

ā€œI kept telling [my dad] that I was sick,ā€ she continues. ā€œHe wasnā€™t getting the message. I got out of bed, grabbed a silver tray off a table, went into the bathroom, defecated on it, and handed it to him. ā€˜You gotta get this tested,ā€™ I said.ā€

Yes. Yes. Weā€™ve certainly all been there.

During the Page Six interview, Hilfiger also puts the blame for some of her more exceptional Rich Girls moments on Lyme disease.


ā€œI had full-on Lyme brain and didnā€™t even know it,ā€ she says. ā€œI started to say things that I knew were incorrect but couldnā€™t stop, like, ā€˜My dad invented cargo pants.ā€™ What? What the hell was I thinking? That ended up being one of the main things people like to make fun of me for saying.ā€

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