Allow This Man Who Lives Every Day as a Regency Dandy to Inspire Your Wildest Clothing Choices

What’s your most outlandish dream for your day-to-day fashion choices? Is it fashion jumpsuits, seven days a week? Ballgowns for brunch? Neon 80s workout wear, at work, at your office job? Well just go ahead and make the leap, with this 25-year-old British man who wears Regency clothing every damn day.


A brief video profile by the BBC of a 25-year-old man named Zack Pinsent has racked up more than a million views on Twitter, and that’s probably because he wears historical clothing full-time and manages to seem at least somewhat chill about it, even as he announces with absolute confidence, “I don’t own or wear any modern clothing.”

Not only does Zach dress like a Regency dandy every day, he specializes in historical tailoring: “Bespoke period clothing crafted with historical accuracy,” his website promises. Therefore he’s really a walking advertisement for his own business—and frankly, a fairly persuasive one. After spending some time perusing his Instagram, I have to admit the dude really does have the stretched-out figure of an illustration from the era, which lends itself very well to the cravats and top hats. It is extremely hard to pull off a cloak with this many layers of cape across the shoulders, but Zack is really carrying it off like he’s a secondary Georgette Heyer character with all the funniest lines.

Here he is in Jezebel’s own neighborhood, the hellmouth that is Times Square:

Here he is in an 18th century silk banyan whose pattern is honestly just very good:


But rest assured that he has some self-awareness: “People might go, ‘Oh, that’s strange. It is strange. If I enjoy what I’m doing, then why change?” he told the BBC.

Go forth and activate your wildest clothing fantasies.

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I heart Westies

This man reminds me of my late mother-in-law soooooo much. My mil was a woman of style who LOVED fashion and being fashionable. And she wasn’t about to let the fact that she lived in a rural, podunk, backwoods stop her from dressing fabulously EVERYTIME she left her house. Going to buy groceries at Wal-Mart? She dressed. Eating dinner at Cracker Barrel? She dressed. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags - the whole nine yards all the time. And even though she was always at least somewhat overdressed, she never looked ostentatious or like she was trying to hard, or even trying at all. She always wore the clothes, they never wore her. And she wasn’t precious about her clothes, most of which were expensive, if she spilled something on them or stained them she was very “oh well” about it. She believed clothes were meant to be worn, not hung in a closet waiting for that perfect event. It killed her how I would “save” my good clothes. Of course her health was never great. She died slowly of scleroderma for the better part of 15-20 years so she was a huge believer in living how you wanted all the time while you had the time. She’s been gone for over ten years, but she will ALWAYS be my style/fashion hero. (Her interior design was also amazing and awesome, but that’s a whole other post.)