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Alleged Cosby Victim Sues Bill Cosby For Calling Her a Liar

Illustration for article titled Alleged Cosby Victim Sues Bill Cosby For Calling Her a Liar

Retired attorney Tamara Green has been publicly accusing Bill Cosby of raping her for just shy of a decade. But enough time had passed since the commission of the crime—which Green says occurred in the early 1970s—that the statute of limitations expired long ago. Green now seems to have found a way around that.


According to TMZ, Green has now filed a defamation suit against Bill Cosby, whose team has dismissed her story as a fabrication. Green first spoke about Cosby's alleged abuse on Today back in 2005, and re-upped her story again during this recent Hannibal Buress/Gawker round of Cosby sex abuse accusation nostalgia. Each time, Cosby's camp has called her a liar. Those dismissals, Green says, have led to her being "ridiculed in her private life and professionally."


This handy timeline maintained by the folks at Vulture shows that the Cosby Rape Accusation Count now sits at 19. Will we hit 20 by Christmas? Here's dreading.

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therealquash ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

She didn't "find a way around it," though. This is just the way the law works. Defamation is its own separate cause of action, with its own separate damages, and its own statute of limitations. She wouldn't be able to sue him for if he didn't commit an additional tort.