All The Cool Moms Lie To Get Their Underage Kids On Facebook

Age requirements are in place to protect some of society's youngest members from the ugly side of social networking and comply with federal privacy laws, but some parents don't find them necessary. A new survey shows that a surprising amount of totally awesome parents lie to make sure their precious underage snowflake can interact with all the wonderful wholesomeness that Facebook has to offer.

The LA Times reports that a new survey reveals that millions of sub-teens have signed up for Facebook. In many cases, they did so with their parents' help. Reports the LAT,

The survey found that more than half of all parents with 12-year-olds and 1 in 5 parents of 10-year-olds knew their kids were using Facebook. Nearly 7 in 10 parents admitted they helped their kids set up the accounts. Consumer Reports had previously reported that 7 million underage users were on Facebook.


Children abound on Facebook, and it's all with their parents' okay! This is great news for perverts and cyberbullies alike.

Survey: Parents lie to help preteens get on Facebook [LAT]

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