All the Cool Kids Love Sellotape Selfies, the Latest Internet Fad

A regular selfie is so 2013. The new way to selfie is to wrap your face in tape and take a picture of your new grotesque and pained expression.


It appears that, as indicated by the name, the Sellotape Selfies trend started in the UK. The Independent notes that, "While the hashtag was used on Twitter October last year, in the 10 hours since Sellotape selfie Twitter and Facebook account were created, hundreds of people across the world have joined in and posted photos." The actual company Sellotape has not chosen to take advantage of this trend by reactivating their stagnant social media accounts.

Credit where credit is due though. It should be noted that while the "Sellotape Selfie" Facebook page has over 100,000 likes, the "Jim Carrey's "tape face" in Yes Man" page has less than 600. Additionally, "The scene where Jim Carrey tapes his face up in Yes Man" page has less than 50. Pee Wee Herman's contribution to the trend has no page at all.

The world is not just.

Image via Sellotape Selfies/Facebook

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