All the Celebrities Who Spent Thanksgiving With Their Dogs

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All the Celebrities Who Spent Thanksgiving With Their Dogs

If paparazzi had been stalking my Thanksgiving, they would have found me and a small handful of friends eating chicken and Brussels sprouts in the front yard on a glorious Los Angeles afternoon. If they’d showed up about an hour or so after that, they would have found me pouring unasked for shots of Fireball into everyone’s empty wine glasses and drunkenly trying to pet the neighborhood cats. Animals, it turns out, make the ideal Thanksgiving companions because you can still touch them without worrying that doing so will result in one of your deaths.

In that spirit, below is a collection of every celebrity who spent Thanksgiving with their dogs. Celebrities not pictured with dogs have not been included in this roundup. Thank you for understanding.

Here’s Jennifer Aniston and her puppy:

Here’s Justin Theroux and his puppy:

Gwyneth Paltrow visited her father’s “resting place” with her kids and dog:

The Lacheys, plus a dog who looks like he’d rather not be there:

Kathy Griffin did not include a photo, but I believe her.

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