All the Celebrities Raised Money for Disaster Relief Last Night

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The celebrities put on their compassion hats and got on the phone last night to raise money for disaster victims in the southern United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in the Somos Live! telethon and benefit concert organized by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and A-Rod. Bruno Mars sang in Spanish in front of a giant Puerto Rican flag. Demi Lovato performed Hallelujah in front of candles. A bunch of people swayed and held up their cell phones for Gwen Stefani. Jennifer Lopez fucking brought it. Adam Levine was there. Selena Gomez looked adorably timid calling normal people. Kim Kardashian Snapchatted herself for the greater good. I like this new Kim!


Here’s the full video. They made T-shirts. Unclear how much has been raised yet.

Meanwhile, the California wildfires are still raging. They have now claimed 40 lives with over 200 people still missing, CNN reports. 100,000 people are under evacuation orders, according to the AP.

If you also just woke up, brace yourself for a Simon Cowell TMI blast. The Sun reports that he uses sheep placenta on his face, he Botoxes, cling wraps his body (this supposedly helps you shed water weight by making you persperate) which conjures a phantom odor of Simon Cowell BO and cigarettes, which he smokes a lot. There’s some other stuff about outrageous dressing room demands like soundproofing and mood lighting, but all of the details above are more than enough to hold me over on Simon Cowell for the rest of my life.

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