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All Hell Breaks Loose When Teens Are Denied Entry to Fifty Shades

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If there's one thing that teenagers care about, aside from fitting in, Snapchat, and begging their mom to please borrow the car to go to McDonald's with Kristy just this one time, come on, please!, it's Fifty Shades of Grey. Or, at least, being able to get into an R-rated movie without their parents in tow.


Which is why when a bunch of teens—the AP reports it was 100 of them, to be precise—were denied entry to see Christian Grey rock Anastasia Steele's world at a Florida movie theater on Saturday night, they did what any other group of entitled children would do: they "rushed" the theater, set inside a shopping mall, as well as its food court.

And, in a classic case of, "Thanks for ruining it for everyone else, assholes," going forward at West Oak Mall, all teens must be accompanied by their parents after 9 pm.


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