When Doute scores screen-time on the show—lately she’s been more of a backseat driver, it’s nice to see her grab the wheel—it’s almost always a master class in how to be a hot mess. Consider some of her most memorable past offenses:

Lying to Tom and everyone else about sleeping with Jax

Unlike Jax, whose bad guy energy is reserved for infidelity and petty thievery, or James, whose villainy is just spewing vile after a few too many Pumptinis, Doute is calculated. She is the the stuff of telenovela dreams, something confirmed in Season 2 when she finally revealed to her best friend Stassi Schroeder that yes, she cheated on her longtime boyfriend with her BFF’s longtime boyfriend. Whoops?


Trying to break up Tom Sandoval and Ariana Maddix by proving Tom, her ex-boyfriend, cheated on Maddix


Kristen paid for a random woman on Instagram to fly to Los Angeles from Miami and confront Tom Sandoval because she believed they slept together, while Tom’s girlfriend Ariana Maddix was none the wiser. Also, Tom is her ex-boyfriend. It’s a revenge plot that crosses state lines.

Hanging out until like 8 a.m. in Mexico with James, her other ex-boyfriend and source of most anger

Kristen is an infamously terrible traveller—leaving her four-mile radius in L.A. sends her spiraling—so she spent much of the group’s vacation in Season 6 fucked up beyond repair. That also meant partying in a hot tub in Jax and Brittany’s hotel room until the wee morning hours with her ex, James. Everyone is confident they boned (mostly because of questionable pillow placement, which Jax confirms is used to make sure everyone is comfortable when taking a trip to bone town in a pool.) We never get an answer, but the soap opera-level gossip is juicy as hell.

Literally last night

Monday’s episode ended with Doute storming out of a bar and Stassi unleashing a barrage of insults directed at Kristen’s longtime boyfriend Brian Carter. Her working theory is that Doute goes too hard and gets mad at the world (and James Kennedy) because she’s in an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend, who is mean to her and refuses to pay rent or bills. Carter sounds like a deadbeat, which tracks when considering how little he is involved with the show. When he makes an appearance, it’s typically just to enable Doute’s worst impulses. Let’s see how this one plays out, but my money is on... not well.