Alison Brie Joins New Netflix Comedy About Lady Wrestlers, GLOW

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Alison Brie has signed on to another Netflix show in addition to voicing Diane Nguyen on BoJack Horseman.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brie is a popular actress right now, with casting agents trying to get her signed to comedies all through pilot season. She must like the streaming service or the role. GLOW is based on the real story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a 1980s women’s wrestling league in Los Angeles.

The 10-episode series was created by Orange is the New Black’s Jenji Kohan, featuring showrunners Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, who worked on Homeland and Orange Is the New Black, respectively. Brie is slated to play Ruth, a failed actress who is electrified with new life when she enters the ring. I am very much looking forward to the costuming for this production.

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The 10-episode series was created by Orange is the New Black’s Jenji Kohan . . .

Plot synopsis: 30-something white woman leaves life of comfort and privilege to explore strange new world involving ideas of class and race she’s never encountered before in her life. Along her road, she’ll make terrible decisions that negatively impact those she purports to love far more than they impact herself, and people will be briefly enthralled and ultimately bored and repulsed by her intense selfishness and lack of self awareness. Meanwhile, audiences will fall in love with B-story characters who ultimate serve to outshine the protagonist in her own story.