Alicia Vikander Reveals She's Extremely Talented at Googling Stuff, It's Why Friends Call Her 'Mrs. Google'

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I have compassion for Alicia Vikander, I do! Also, for (most) people who engage in rapid-fire Buzzfeed interviews, Vogue’s 73 questions, and the like. Although that claim would be difficult to trace on search engines, given the fact that I write several gossip roundups every week.

On Wednesday, Buzzfeed published “27 Very Important Rapid-Fire Questions With Alicia Vikander,” in which the Tomb Raider star revealed that her secret talent is…Googling stuff. Vikander said, “My friends call me Mrs. Google. I’m really good at Googling answer on anything, and I’m very good at planning travels.” A secret talent no longer!

Then Vikander brought up this mysterious skill again, when asked what she’d do if she weren’t an actor. Her answer? “Going back to being Mrs. Google, I would probably have my own travel agency.”


I enjoy her logic, but why stop there? If I were pivoting from a career as an actor with a franchise I’d travel the world myself, “professionally.” Oh, and I’d make my friends stop calling me Mrs. Google!


Ever notice that Armie Hammer’s neck is extremely large? Or is this merely an effect of the blasphemous collar? Anyway, here’s Hammer being matchy-matchy with jail in his 2011 mugshot for marijuana possession, which he dredged up on Tuesday for some reason.

He couldn’t even wait until Thursday haha. He’s a rule-breaker.

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