Alicia Keys did a duet with Beyoncé for Element of Freedom in 2009. Stills of a big budget video shot in Brazil appeared online, but the video never did.

In an interview on’s “Rap Radar Podcast,” Keys explains what happened in a very vague way that you can read into however you want:

She says it was great and perfect, but the damned vibes weren’t right:

“We had a ball in the studio, we had a ball doing the video, which was crazy in Brazil, it was outrageous...You saw pictures. But you know it just didn’t quite… the video didn’t quite capture the energy that I think that we really intended it to and we just felt like it was better to just hold it, so we did that...Maybe one day it will be like some old secret...”

The interviewer suggests Tidal for a release and she laughs, saying, “I’ll put it on Tidal.” Oh no, I already unsubscribed!

Image via Getty.