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The cast of the Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale is filling out nicely, with yet another streaming star donning the red robe and weird white hat.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Alexis Bledel will be playing Ofglen, the errand girl sent around Gilead with Elizabeth Moss’s Offred. Ofglen might seem like she plays by the rules at first, but in time she’s revealed to be a member of the resistance, sort of how Rory Gilmore seemed like she’d be on staff at the New York Times, but instead became a woman who didn’t use a rubber with a guy in a Chewbacca costume. Full of surprises.

Bledel’s casting was announced late because her commitment to the Gilmore Girls reboot meant it had to be kept secret until her contract expired. She will only appear in half the episodes, but has an option to return if The Handmaid’s Tale gets a second season. As THR points out, this leaves Netflix and producers Warner Bros. Television the opportunity to sign her for a second Year In The Life over at Stars Hollow, so we can find out who that baby’s daddy really is. It’s Logan’s.