Alexandra Grant Seems Way Cooler Than Her Famous Boyfriend (Keanu Reeves)

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When Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves’s girlfriend, first entered the public conscience, there was plenty of discussion about how “regular” she looked. It was an attempt, I believe, at making her more relatable, and not a malicious endeavor. Still, as the internet tripped over itself to make a famous celebrity’s girlfriend seem just like them, it missed a rather glaring fact about Grant: She’s cool as fucking hell.


In a new interview with British Vogue, Grant claims that everyone she knew called her after Page Six “broke” the story that she was dating Keanu Reeves. According to her, however, she and Reeves had “been close for years.” They met while running in Los Angeles’s artsy-fartsy crowd, after Grant spent her youth traveling between Mexico City, Paris, and Washington. Explaining how she wound up in LA, running with actors and artists alike, she explains: “I was very fearless—I was a child who knew her mind. [...] I think ‘artist’ best describes what I do, but really it’s a name for a kind of curiosity.”

Vogue also reports that Grant will be exhibiting new works at the Marfa International in Texas in April. According to Grant, they are “inspired by the myth of Antigone” and her famous missive: “I was born to love, not hate.”

When asked about her gray hair, she said it started losing its color in her mid-twenties, which seems very chic and effortlessly cool. It’s also somewhat political for her, telling Vogue: “I am a huge believer in choice—whatever anyone wants to do to feel confident. We should all have more options as to what beauty is. There are billions of us.” [British Vogue]

If you are an actor, and you are asked about how a fictional character you portray would react to coronavirus, you should politely deny the question and move the fuck on. It’s the only decent and sensible reaction to a question so mind-bogglingly banal I’m having a hard time conceiving of it. But it happened, to Nick Offerman specifically, and on Late Night With Seth Meyers no less! Damn, dude, you should have said: “Next question!”

On Wednesday night’s episode, Meyers asked Offerman how Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson would handle a coronavirus outbreak. Even though Ron Swanson neither exists nor is a particularly good metric by which to gauge correct human behavior, Offerman indulged the late-night host, explaining:

“I don’t think he would necessarily notice. But if he did, Leslie [Knope] would probably send him a missive or some sort of message and he’d just take his family to one of his cabins in the woods where he was heading anyway and they would just enjoy some fishing and some items from his garden until things blew over.”

Does Nick Offerman know he just wrote fanfiction—and worse, coronavirus fan fiction—on national television? Probably not. Still, if you are a publicist, and reading this currently, I implore you to beg your clients to keep their mouths shut! [ET]

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What is so bad about Nick’s response? That is exactly what Ron would do.

I thought social distancing was one of the things experts were advising people to do.

If someone asked Steve Carell what Michael Scott would do and he replied “Michael would freak out and hoard supplies and want everyone in the office to stay there so he wouldn’t be lonely”, do you actually think viewers would go “yeah that’s what we should do!!”