Alex Trebek Gets a Little Teary During Jeopardy!

Screenshot: YouTube

Alex Trebek has spent 35 years hosting Jeopardy!, but as the reality of his stage 4 pancreatic cancer bears itself out, it does appear that at some point, he’s likely going to have to step down from the job to which he’s dedicated his life.

Consistency is one of Trebek’s most noted attributes, but during the Final Jeopardy portion of a recent taping, a contestant named Dhruv Gaur decided to burn his answer on a message that made Trebek (and me, and you) teary:


Trebek announced his diagnosis earlier this year, delivering the news with a hopeful matter-of-factness that’s not usually apparent while he’s on the air rattling off clues. Though his chemotherapy has made continuing his work difficult, he reportedly has no interest in stepping down until he can no longer host the show.

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