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Alex Jones Gets Dunked on by a Parkland Teenager, Freaks the Fuck Out

Screenshot via YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel
Screenshot via YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel

Alex Jones of right-wing conspiracy outlet Infowars is one strike away from his YouTube channel getting banned.


In an email, YouTube said Jones violated their policy on harassment and bullying after releasing two videos peddling conspiracy theories about the Parkland shooting. One video in particular targeted David Hogg, an 18-year-old Parkland survivor and student journalist known for interviewing his classmates about gun laws during the shooting. Hogg has become a prominent figure in the youth movement against guns and is currently calling for spring breakers to boycott the state of Florida.

It was only a matter of time before Hogg attracted the attention of gun nuts and Sandy Hook truther-adjacent weirdos. Just a week after the shooting, he was accused of being a crisis actor. Photos have also circulated of the teen smiling during a photo op, accompanied with accusations that Hogg and his mighty band of activists can’t possibly be mourning because who smiles a week after a tragedy or something. But Jones making Hogg the subject of increasingly deranged conspiracy fodder is backfiring in a big way. Not only was his baby Infowars put on notice, he’s also getting dunked on by Hogg on Twitter.




Now, the incredibly normal Alex Jones is trying to peer pressure Hogg into debating him on Infowars.


I get it, teenagers are scary, but somebody needs to tell Jones—not for the first time—to get a fucking grip.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Warning to adults everywhere. These kids are really smart and really good at the social media, stop screwing with them.

This is a hilarious example