Alamo Drafthouse Taps Into Terrifying Clown Market, Will Hold Clown-Only Screening of It

Image via Youtube
Image via Youtube

Just last year America was inundated with sightings and arrests of creepy clowns in South Carolina, Kentucky, New York and more states across the country. Now, Alamo Drafthouse seems to be tapping into that market to host a clown-only screening of the upcoming It adaptation.

Here’s how the screening is described on the site:

For this special screening of IT, all attendees should arrive dressed as a clown in order to attend. Please arrive early and join us in the Barrel O’ Fun beginning at 5:30pm for an IT pre-party where we will have face-painters available for clown “touch-ups”, a photo booth, raffles for prizes, and other terrifying merriment. Please arrive in your own Pennywise best and be ready to float with us.


Hey, people want to see movies that represent them, with the people that represent them! Squeaky noses and terrifying face paint included! If women can get an all-woman screening for Wonder Woman I’m all for clowns getting the same.

As for right now the screening is just in Austin. Maybe you feel relieved to hear that. But I’m here to gently remind you that those creepy clowns from 2016 are probably still out there. Just this past April kids were reportedly terrorized by a man in a clown suit in North Dakota. So even if you aren’t sitting in that yourself. They all float down there!

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"Not a real" DrDonna

This is rank misnoncoulry!

I think I got that right. Mis+non+coulro (clown). It’s hard when you’re trying to make up a nonsense word like misandry.