Al Roker's Vines Are the Best-Worst Vines on All of Vine

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A lot of people worried about the future of Vine — the app that allows you to create looping 6-second videos using only the power of your smart phone — when Instagram announced its new video feature this past Friday. Never fear, worriers! Brooklyn Al Roker is here! And he is going to single-handedly save Vine with his so-clumsy-it's-charming artistry.


You know, Roker's Vines are so great, that they might as well let them take over The Today Show.

Here are the Vines that her, that busy bee, has made only this morning.




Thumbs up.


Tamron Hall "twerking."


Matt Lauer "vacuuming."


See? Wasn't that more informative than any of the segments that Today runs on a daily basis?

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Madeleine Davies

FYI, on this morning's Today, the cohosts debated the Song of the Summer with Carson Daly for about 9+ hours and at one point Daly said, "Pharrell? Where did he come from?"