Airbnb Now Lets Neighbors Complain About Lit Partiers

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Airbnb has added a so-called “Animal House button” for neighbors to complain about overly lit guests.


Loud, annoying Airbnb soirees have become a common concern in certain cities, including Chicago, where residents are campaigning for laws to regulate the service’s usage and abnormal disturbances. Airbnb had previously done little to address excessive partying.

This new feature appears on the Airbnb site, alongside a list of specific gripes about hosts. Frustrated neighbors now have the option to complain about “Noise, party, or disturbance,” in addition to things like “General concerns with my neighbor hosting.” (Still no “Why I oughta...” or “You damn kids” option. Shrug.)

According to Fast Company:

If a host is violating the site’s policies, the company may suspend or remove them from the Airbnb site. The company will field inquiries through the current customer service team, with which neighbors had previously connected through a little-publicized neighbor hotline.

It’s Neighbors 3, starring Airbnb.

“We believe this issue is talked about far more than it actually occurs,” says Airbnb cofounder Nathan Blecharczyk. “We don’t want neighbors or anyone else to be upset at us. We want to be, as their neighbor, we want to be a responsible company.”


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So can anyone explain to me the appeal of AirBnB? Uber and Lyft i can understand. They may be cheaper than the cabs or you may be in an area where cabs are sparse or nonexistant and need to get home after a drunken night. They showed an ad for AirBnB the other day and they emphaised how you can do all the thingsd you do at home and that will enchance the experience of visting another country. My aunt made the point that if she’s on vacation she dosen’t want to do the things she does every day like cook and clean. The whole thing is a bit of an illusion. You really aren’t at home. Unless you are a total tool you aren’t going to rearrange everything, mess with the electronics, download crap to the video game console, etc. I guess if costs are really an issue it’s an appeal but if you can afford to travel to some of the countries in the ads, is the hotel really that big a deal? I guess the main appeal is being able to soak in the day to day life you wouldn’t get in a hotel.