Air Sex: The One Time That "Faking It" Is Encouraged

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Is an air guitar championship not really your speed? The Alamo Drafthouse has another option: the 2009 Air Sex World Championships.


Zosia Bielski in the Globe and Mail explains.

Air Sex, which sees contestants take to the stage for a make-believe shag set to music, is coming to Canada.

On June 13 in Toronto and June 21 in Vancouver, hopefuls will pick their song and endeavour to wow judges with routines that peak in less than two minutes. Costumes, foreplay, climax and overall entertainment value will all be mercilessly judged.

There are only two rules: keep your clothes on, and fake the orgasm.

And it's not just in Canada! They have dates all over the United States where you can see people fake orgasms for your laughter and entertainment, and not even in a bad way.

Veteran air humper, host and judge Chris Trew said a typical evening's repertoire consists of "someone making a political statement," someone embarrassing a friend on her birthday, and someone "wearing the shirt of a rival college and having sex with an animal."

I'm guessing that last one is part of the Canadian experience?

Many of the performers have experience in improv, while others are true amateurs ā€” at performing, if not at sex.

"I know speaking to people who don't perform for a living, it's a huge rush," said Mr. Trew. "They've never been on a stage, in front of people chanting their name."

And if nothing else, said Mr. League, "It's an amazing story that you can tell your friends. Plus you'll have an embarrassing video of yourself on YouTube the day after the show, free of charge."

I don't know that that's a selling point.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you had Air Sex onstate with an imaginary person and then like a year later, you ended up sitting next to that exact same emergency person on an airplane? Awkward!