AIR | Official Trailer

Affleck’s most daring choice as a filmmaker is to refrain from portraying Jordan at all. We see him only from the back and in close-ups so extreme and out of focus, he’s incognito. He remains silent during meetings. To CBS Sunday Morning, Affleck explained this decision: “This is a movie about an icon, about somebody who’s so meaningful that the minute I show you somebody and tell you, ‘Hey, that’s Michael Jordan,’ you’re just going to know it isn’t.” That’s probably true, though he risked the conscious obscuring being just as distracting. But it isn’t, and a big part of that has to do with this movie being more about Michael Jordan the idea than it is Michael Jordan the person. This player’s deal with Nike opened the door for athletes to receive percentages of grosses from the merchandise that bore their name. It’s played in the movie like the utmost triumph, due in no small part to the iron-willed Deloris’ insistence.

Of course, what it means practically is that it paved the way for the rich to get richer—in a on-screen postscript before the credits, we read that Jordan makes some $400 million annually in passive income as a result of his Air Jordans deal. This is the ultimate display of morality in a movie brought to you by Amazon Studios. Yay?