Air France, Where French Burqas Run Free

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Air France has decided that the misguided French ban on wearing face coverings in public is only in effect on land. According to the company's lawyers, flight crews can't tell a Muslim woman to remover her religious garb since, "The law can only be enforced by police and other public officials on the ground." Airline employees say they have no problem with a woman wearing a burqa on a flight as long as she's been through security. "Security on board a plane does not have much to do with whether one's face is visible or not," said one pilot. "Besides, on long-haul flights a lot of passengers hide their face with eye masks when they go to sleep."

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'misguided ban'

It would be a good thing that americans inform themselves on french secularism before taking shots at it. Please keep in mind that this ban was supported by pretty much the entire french political spectrum, including plenty of french feminists and french muslim feminists.

French secularism is a key principle of the French 3rd Republic and is as crucial to France as religion is ingrained in american culture and politics. People need to stop mistaking their political culture for an ultimate reference the world should follow.