Air Force Dental Tech Fired After Being Accused of Witchcraft

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An Air Force contractor who had been working at a Maryland dental clinic was accused of being a witch and subsequently fired. Deborah Schoenfeld, a Hindu, had complained of being harassed for not sharing the same religious beliefs as her Christian co-workers. She was told that practicing yoga was “satanic” and would “cost her her soul.” Yes, this happened in 2015, when it seems like practically everyone owns a pair of yoga pants and has at least attempted one downward dog in their life. Even science says yoga is beneficial to health, though these people don’t seem the type to listen to facts, anyway.

After Schoenfeld filed a formal complaint on September 2, she was terminated from her position as a dental technician for allegedly using profanity against a co-worker, reports Air Force Times. They would not reveal the identity of the accuser. Schoenfeld then reached out to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for support with her case. Mikey Weinstein, the group’s founder and president, wrote a letter to officials detailing the harassment done to Schoenfeld by her former co-workers. Schoenfeld claimed she was advised to pray against the recent Supreme Court ruling against same sex marriage, was told that meditation summons demons and was chastised for playing Indian music in the dental clinic since it wasn’t Christian.

Two former co-workers spoke to the publication anonymously and confirmed Schoenfeld’s account. One witness said Schoenfeld was referred to by others as a “Hindu witch.” The Air Force District of Washington has received Weinstein’s letter and is investigating the allegations.


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