Aidy Bryant Fielded Questions for Bernie Sanders After He Dropped Out of Late Night Last Minute

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was scheduled to appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday evening, but had to cancel last minute. Instead, they brought in the natural replacement: Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant.


In addition to fielding questions from Seth about Donald Trump’s new tax plan, Aidy—putting aside her senator hat for a moment—also shared the story of her recent engagement to her long-term boyfriend, comedian Conner O’Malley. While most celebrity proposal stories are self-indulgent and boring, Aidy and Conner’s is a delight, even featuring a confused dog in a bow tie.

May they live a happy and braless life together!

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with Conner O’Malley’s comedy, you should familiarize yourself:

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

I love Aidy. I wish she’d get a fraction of Kate McKinnon’s publicity because she’s also an MVP on SNL. She doesn’t have to do much to make me lol.