AHS: Freak Show Opening Is a Scary Visit to the World's Worst Funhouse

FX is trying very hard to get you excited for American Horror Story: Freak Show. Yesterday, they debuted the first trailer, in which you actually catch a glimpse of the show's characters — and now they've released the show's circus-themed opening credits.

As is typical of American Horror Story, the credits are packed with creepy imagery and repulsive noises. That said, Freak Show's opening is markedly less scary than the ones from seasons past. In fact, it sort of just feels like watching the scene from Sid's bedroom in the first Toy Story movie, but — to AHS's credit — Toy Story never delivered Angela Bassett or Jessica Lange.

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Omar Bradley Little

For my money, Asylum was the best AHS season. The musical scene, the absolutely chilling perfection of Sister Mary Eunice...love it all.