Ahoy, Debateys! It's a Democratic Debate Open Thread

Another day, another debate. This time, it’s on a Saturday night, so you don’t have to feel too too bad about getting drunk during it.


Tonight’s debate is brought to you by CBS News, and because there are just 3 candidates left (RIP Jim Webb, and Mr. Ellie Shechet Lincoln Chafee), according to Politico, moderator John Dickerson will “go deep” on the issues. Heartpounding excitement ahoy!

Because it’s a Saturday, we’re commemorating this one with an open thread.

Debate away, ye scallywags!

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Anna Merlan

Hi guys. What wine goes with encroaching winter and profound despair re: the unendingly tragic state of the world?

Also I’m having white bean soup, so bear that in mind