Ahmed Mohamed Finally Met President Obama

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On Monday, Ahmed Mohamed met President Obama briefly during Astronomy Night, an event for starstruck kids to check out the White House and hear the POTUS speak.


Obama saw the now-famous 14-year-old in the crowd and the two had a short conversation, according to the AP.

In September, Mohamed was arrested when his science project, a homemade clock, was mistaken for a bomb by a teacher at Texas’s MacArthur High School. Later that month, MacArthur was like ‘JK on that bomb stuff, come back to us Ahmed’ and Ahmed’s father was like ‘Never.’ The Mohamed family said they were exploring other educational options for the NASA-obsessed teen, who was arrested while wearing a NASA t-shirt.


The POTUS is the latest in the long line of famous meet-and-greets for Mohamed, who’s visited the campuses of Google and Facebook and also hung out with astronauts like Alvin Drew and John Grunsfeld.

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Kat Marlowe

Here’s a synopsis of their conversation*:

Islam / bomb / death to America / Allahu Akbar / Kenya / hate America / 9/11 / bomb / guns / America go boom / war on Christians / bomb bomb bomb / go Cowboys

*Courtesy of Fox News