Do you want or need love advice from Tyrese? What about Rev Run? Doesn’t matter! You’re gonna get it.

Rev Run and Tyrese, who wrote a real book titled Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed, are—thank goodness, just like we asked—following in the footsteps of Steve Harvey and getting their own show about relationships.

Deadline reports:

An ordained minister and father of six, Rev Run (aka Joseph Ward Simmons) and Tyrese, a single father, will be joined by a primetime studio audience and celebrity guests. Via social media, viewers can ask the pair questions about men, relationships, marriage and sex.

Oh goodie. Here’s a quote from OWN president Sheri Salata about the occasion:

“When Rev Run, Tyrese and CBS came to us with the idea of a primetime series we were energized by the chance to bring OWN viewers something fresh and entertainingly real in the ‘love space.’ We can’t wait to turn them loose – enlightening us all about what makes men tick.”


Tyrese and Rev Run are ready to enlighten us all about what makes men tick.

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