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After Third Child, 'Pregnant Man' Ready To Get Rid Of Uterus

Illustration for article titled After Third Child, Pregnant Man Ready To Get Rid Of Uterus

The transgender man who became famous after posing for photographs while pregnant recently gave birth to his third child and has decided that he's about had his fill of having a uterus.


Thomas Beatie, who was born biologically female but underwent sex reassignment surgery as an adult and never had his female reproductive organs removed, told The Doctors that a hysterectomy will help stabilize his status as a male. Beatie initially retained his female sex organs after his 2002 sex reassignment surgery because his wife had had a hysterectomy and the couple wanted children. While pregnant with his three children, he had to stop taking male hormones in order to stabilize the pregnancy.

Beatie and his wife have recently run into a rough patch financially. His tee shirt printing business folded after he became famous and the family's house was repossessed because they couldn't pay their mortgage. He had wanted to appear on Dancing with the Stars, but apparently there's only room for one transsexual in town, and Chaz Bono was it.


Pregnant man Thomas Beatie tells The Doctors he is considering a hysterectomy after giving birth to three children [Daily Telegraph]

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What is included in "sex reassignment surgery" if not a hysterectomy on a female-born patient? Just curious. I would have assumed that was a significant component. But it appears not? Or not always?

Super cute kid, BTW.