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After The Rapture, Who Will Walk All The Dogs?

Illustration for article titled After The Rapture, Who Will Walk All The Dogs?

Answer: heathens. One man is setting up a network of atheists to adopt pets after their owners are raptured up to Heaven. Says a skeptic: "I don't know if they should necessarily trust atheists to take care of them." [BusinessWeek]


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Gosh, because I live in a pretty non-religious country and move in a pretty non-religious circle, I forget that this stuff is actually real. I hear about fundamentalist Christians, but they're kind of like mythical creatures to me.

In 37 years, I've never met anyone who held these beliefs. Plus, if someone does believe this stuff, they probably know that it's not really accepted in mainstream society here, so they keep quiet about it. I guess that kind of sucks for them, but I am personally not complaining.