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After Much Hand-Wringing, Ann Curry to Leave NBC

Illustration for article titled After Much Hand-Wringing, Ann Curry to Leave NBC

After two and a half years of pretending like they still like each other, Ann Curry and NBC are finally breaking up.


Page Six broke the news and a formal announcement is expected from NBC "imminently." It's been no secret that the network and Curry have had a strained relationship following that time they fired her and then humiliated her on live television.


Following her departure from Today, Curry was supposedly going to continue covering important stories as an international correspondent for NBC and continue interviewing Angelia Jolie. That never really came to fruition, as an insider explained to Page Six:

One NBC insider said, "Ann has been unhappy for a long time because she's basically doing nothing, while NBC is unhappy that she has been paid a lot of money to do nothing."

Curry will reportedly be moving on to establish her own production company.

This time, sources say, the negotiations have been more careful and protracted, and Curry will soon announce she is setting up her own production company to provide news reports and documentaries to numerous outlets, including NBC.


Image via NBC.

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I hope things work out for her. But more importantly, I hope that one day, through a wonderful twist of fate, she ends up in a position to be Matt Lauer's boss and she makes him beg for forgiveness on his belly.