After Being Mocked for Sharing His Story, Terry Crews Tweets a Poetic #MeToo

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This week, actor Terry Crews went before the Senate and the whole world to empathize with women, speak out against toxic masculinity, and share his story of being sexually assaulted at a party. He was mocked mercilessly.

Hours after the broadcast, toxic masculinity incarnate 50 Cent emerged with some truly caveman-quality Helvetica renderings sexualizing and belittling Crews, including a photo of topless Crews under the words “I got raped/my wife just watched” and another with a rose in his mouth under the heading “Gym time” (?) Serially accused sexual assailant Russell Simmons lol’ed in the comments, along with other men, but the comments also filled up with replies like “disgusting” and “I thought you were better than this,” and 50 Cent took it down.

On Friday, Crews posted the familiar line of questions implying that the victim is weak for acknowledging assault or allowing it to happen at all. As for 50 Cent, Terry Crews is bigger than that.


“I love his music,” he told TMZ. Then he added, “I prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault.”


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It’s still amazing to me that he was mocked. I know, toxic masculinity, toxic humanity, whatever, but who the fuck would MOCK a person of any gender for taking a difficult stand against sexual assault? What kind of q-rating points are people getting to say Terry Crews is worthy of contempt?