After a Nasty Fall and Six Stitches, Brandi Glanville Is ‘Officially Done’ With Hoverboarding

Brandi Glanville will never hover again! (Unless she’s in the same room with Eddie and LeAnn.) People reports the 43-year-old reality star lived my greatest trend-related nightmare recently when she fell off a hoverboard and sustained injuries that “sent her to the hospital.”


Glanville suffered a hairline fracture, and was given six stitches and antibiotics. If you’d like to see the wound, click here. If you’d rather just see the swollen hand, scroll down. If you never want to hear about hoverboards again, leave Earth.


A “professional snuggler” named Lisa VanArsdale claims Taye Diggs masturbated in front of her recently. Just...just...just bear with me here. It all began when Diggs met VanArsdale at some restuarant in New York City. A few days later, he texted her, “Are u available for snuggling … Discretion is a must.”

“I was shocked! This guy was my end all of a celebrity crush,” she told Radar. So she agreed, and showed up at his place. Diggs asked if she wanted to do MDMA, and she declined. He then asked her to removed her bra, and she did. “[Then] I watched him get naked and pleasure himself,” she says.

Radar writes:

Snuggle sleepovers cost $320 but VanArsdale said she didn’t charge Diggs and was furious when she learned he’s been dating model Amanza Smith Brown.

She texted him: “…You [led] me to believe you were single…What little trust I had left in me for men is completely gone because of you.”


525,600 snuggles. How do you measure, measure a year?


Here’s Kourtney Kardashian teaching you how to eat a Kit Kat in six easy steps:


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The Taye Diggs story confuses me. Also, so much for “discretion is a must.”