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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

After 8 Women Allege Sexual Misconduct, Alabama Republican Party Announces It 'Supports' Roy Moore

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

My blistering take for the day: Men are bad.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • The Alabama Republican party is standing by Roy Moore. “The ALGOP Steering Committee supports Judge Roy Moore as our nominee and trusts the voters as they make the ultimate decision in this crucial race,” state party chairman Terry Lathan said in a statement. “Alabamians will be the ultimate jury in this election—not the media or those from afar.” Great. []
  • A similar sentiment was expressed by the White House. “The president believes that these allegations are very troubling and should be taken seriously,” Sarah Sanders said in Thursday’s briefing, adding that Donald Trump, “thinks that the people of Alabama should make the decision on who their next senator should be.” [NBC]
  • In other sexual harassment news, senators across the aisle have called for an ethics investigation into Sen. Al Franken. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Here’s how much sexual harassment settlements in Congress have cost taxpayers over the last decade. [Twitter]
  • The House passed its tax reform bill today. According to the New York Times, “Americans earning $30,000 or less would see their taxes increase beginning in 2021, if the Senate bill becomes law. The committee also projected that Americans earning $75,000 or less would face large tax increases in 2027, after the individual tax cuts expire.” Those numbers reflect the Senate’s inclusion of a provision that would eliminate the Obamacare mandate. [New York Times]
  • Oh, and the House tax bill would screw over graduate students. [NPR]
  • Here’s a helpful breakdown what’s in the tax bill the House just passed. [CNN Money]
  • Hope Hicks has secrets. [Politico]
  • So does Jared Kushner. [Washington Post]
  • A mistrial has been declared in the corruption case of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. “To those who were digging my political grave so they could jump into my seat, I know who you are and I won’t forget you,” a teary Menendez told supporters immediately after the mistrial was declared. [Politico]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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