After 30 Days in Prison, Rapist Teacher Is Free to Go

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30 days ago, convicted rapist Stacey Rambold went to prison, as convicted rapists should. Today, he's out, because a judge decided that repeatedly raping your troubled 14-year-old student — she later killed herself — isn't that big a deal if she seemed "older than her chronological age" and thus was totally in control of the situation.

Rambold isn't completely off the hook: he'll be on probation for the next 14 years and 11 months, after which he'll definitely have learned his lesson, we're sure.


Auliea Hanlon, whose daughter, Cherice Moralez, killed herself before Rambold first went to trial, told CNN that she hopes the Montana Supreme Court will "make it right." Prosecutors have appealed the sentence and protestors across the country have signed petitions and filed complaints.

"If we can't get him removed from this, there is something wrong with the system, and I know people in the state will work to not get (Baugh) re-elected (next year)," said Marian Bradley, president of Montana NOW.


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I'd like to believe that if I were this girl's parent, I would pursue justice with a wrongful death suit rather than a stun gun and a pair of sharp scissors.