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After 14 Years, Mama Mia! Calls It Quits on Broadway

Illustration for article titled After 14 Years, iMama Mia! /iCalls It Quits on Broadway

RIP my annual ritual of passing Mama Mia! on Broadway and thinking, “Huh, that show’s still running?” Because Mama Mia!’s 14-year Broadway run is finally coming to an end. Cram your girls’ weekend trips in while you can!


According to Deadline, the show will run until early September. It’s currently the eighth longest-running Broadway production. A few numbers to make your head spin:

Of course, it also was adapted into the 2008 film with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, generating a worldwide gross of $600 million-plus.

That figure pales against the success of the live show. Its worldwide gross from 49 productions on every continent but Antarctica exceeds $2 billion. The Broadway run alone has grossed over $600 million, according to the trade group Broadway League.


As a farewell, please enjoy beloved NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan and traffic anchor Jamie Stelter singing a bit of “Dancing Queen.”

Photo via Getty.

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I love Broadway musicals, but Mama Mia was pure dreck. I even like ABBA, but trying to make a good and cohesive story using their songs was just idiotic.