After 10 Years Together, Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Are No More

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After 10 years, Pacey Witter—pardon, Joshua Jackson—is single. The 38-year-old actor and Diane Kruger, 40, have ended their decade-long romantic partnership.


Representatives from both parties issued a confirmation that the now-erstwhile couple “[has] decided to separate and remain friends.”

Hopefully that’s the truth of the matter. But breakups, as most of us know, tend to veer towards the crummy regardless of their circumstances. Kruger and Jackson made their last public appearance roughly five months ago — back in February 2016, when the latter’s Broadway play opened.

Before her relationship with Jackson, Kruger was married for five years to French director Guillaume Canet. She began dating the Dawson’s Creek star soon after the separation.


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Actress and singer Evan Rachel Wood has inspired a number of us to reevaluate our positions on the Kinsey scale (was it Across the Universe for you too?). Openly bisexual herself, she is committed to combatting the erasure of those attracted to multiple genders.

“I think because we’re usually erased, people just don’t have the information,” she explained in an interview with Motto. “There’s so many negative connotations with [the ‘bisexual’] label. I understand the argument about labels and the desire to do away with them altogether. I think that’s a great idea. But before that we have to give people a chance to identify with somebody or a group in some way. That helped me.”


Wood has also spoken in defense of Amber Heard, whose bisexuality came under scrutiny after she separated from Johnny Depp. Speculators wondered whether her sexuality had influenced her to break from the marriage. (Come on, people.)

“People associate [bisexuality] with deviant behavior, and it somehow justifies someone not being worthy...It’s bullshit!” Wood exclaimed. “And just there for headlines, and it does not help the problem. Especially because when people refer to [Heard] they didn’t use that word until it was necessary.”



Representatives for Courtney Stodden and her husband, Doug Hutchinson, released a statement with some very sad news: two months after announcing her pregnancy, Stodden suffered a miscarriage.


“It is with a heavy heart to inform you that last week Courtney Stodden suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage,” the reps reported. “Courtney and her husband Doug are at an emotional loss for words and are using this time to grieve with their close family and friends...Please respect their privacy as the couple try to cope with losing their precious baby and seek the support they both needed.”

Early in the morning on July 17, Stodden tweeted two vague, but seemingly grief-fueled remarks. Later that night she posted a quote explicitly referencing miscarriage.


Take care, Courtney.

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Pacey Joshua Jackson has, for as long as I can remember seeing him around, been on my I Just Like His Face list. I mean, not that there’s an actual list, but y’all know what I mean.

Whereas Diane Kruger, I don’t dislike her or anything, but she’s just sorta wallpaper to me.

So where this is going, is, Hey, he can date someone interesting now!

Let’s see if he does...