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Afghan Girls Focus On Education

Illustration for article titled Afghan Girls Focus On Education

[Afghanistan, October 13: Farista, 8, watches her mother teach while student Zahara, 13, listens at Markaz high school. In the peaceful province of Bamiyan girls can attend school without any fears, unlike many in the Taliban-infested areas. Image via Getty.]


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This picture made me so happy. Study hard, little girls, and then grow up and transform your country into the place it deserves to be.

Also wouldn't it be amazing if this picture became as well known and iconic as the Time cover of the Afghani woman from years ago? I can't think of a better "your time is done, go away now" message to the Taliban than a picture of girls finally being allowed to go to school again. Look at Farista, watching her mother teach, seeing other girls seeing her mother as a source of knowledge and a figure of authority. This is exactly what the Taliban have been trying to prevent all these years, but you can never fully extinguish the human desire to reach out for a better life.

Meena would be so proud if she could see this.