Advice For Girls From Beauty & The Beast's Belle

Illustration for article titled Advice For Girls From emBeauty  The Beast/ems Belle

In this video, Belle shares some lessons she learned from wooing the Beast, like, "Find a man who wants to imprison you with his love. The longer you're trapped... it will start to feel like home — Stockholm."


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I always thought they became close and fell in love because they found out that they had a lot in common as misunderstood loners once they actually started being nice to one another.

The moral I took from this story is: If a guy lives you a MASSIVE LIBRARY FULL OF BOOKS*, jump on that shit.

Or, you know, whatever, Stockholm Syndrome, abuse, post-liberal-arts-education-hindsight-is-20-20.

*seriously, how romantic was that scene? Any other man would have married her 'in spite' of her love for books, and shamed her about it at the very least, but he up and gives her an entire library. There's a very "I love you just the way you are" thing there.