The Dutch clothing company Suit Supply came up with an innovative new strategy for selling its wares: make the ads all creepy and porno-like. Wearing a snazzy suit most def gets you free upskirt peeks and kinky kitchen play, guys.

This could happen to you, fellas:

Or this:

Other ads included in the "Shameless" campaign feature a guy peeking out a window while a topless woman seated behind him smokes a cigarette (because she's cool), and a guy driving while his woman gives an "O" face. There's just something magical about these fashions.


Suit Supply says it had to remove its Shameless pixxx from its Facebook page because they were "deemed offensive." What sadness! Interestingly, the company has an ethics page on its website. But it's in Dutch, so I can't read it. Any translators out there? See if you can find language about gross depictions of women in ad campaigns.