Historic downtown Manassas Virgina now has a sex shop where one can buy lingerie, body paint and porn. Cue the hysteria!

The best part of this Fox DC news report is the interview with one Sue Anne Reynolds, who says:

"The children who are going to be exposed to this, wives who may not care to have this kind of material in their home and their husbands are going to insist on all kinds of activities that they have no desire to do."


Are you following that math? Sex shop = wives forced to do kinky shit in bed. Reynolds added that the city fathers would be "rolling in their graves," and seemed near tears.

How an adult store for adults can ruin the lives of adults is a mystery. But not all Manassas residents are as frightened and upset as Ms. Reynolds. Barbara Fisher of the Red Hat Society was also asked about the store and quipped: "It's very tastefully done. There's nothing that says porno or anything derogatory. Let them be."


Adult Store Opens in Manassas [MyFoxDC]