Adrian Grenier Is Mad at Starbucks for a Different Reason

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This week, everyone was mad at Starbucks after two black men were arrested on suspicion of trespassing at a Philadelphia location in what was clearly an action motivated by racism and nothing else.


But Adrian Grenier—a “guy who care about people,” you might know him from Entourage—has a separate beef with Starbucks and it involves their plastic straws. In an interview (/ambush) with TMZ on Wednesday, Grenier said the following (I appreciate which words he chose to emphasize):

“Starbucks, get it together, man, you have all the power, you’re an international company, huge footprint, and your green straws are ending up on my beaches!”

To be fair, TMZ asked him specifically about the straws. And Starbucks should get it together on multiple fronts, man! They’re also always out of the madeleines I like, do they even make them anymore??

Plus, this total Zoolander shot was posted to Grenier’s Twitter last month—he really cares.


Today In Kanye’s Twitter Feed the diligent star announced a bunch of new albums, and now he’s onto shoes.


For context, Neopets’ management has been linked to the Church of Scientology.


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Lemme see that!

Grenier can sometimes be a self-important jerk, but I agree with his take on plastic straws. His addressing dangerous levels of pollution does not mean racism is less important than environmental protections.

We can multitask, right?