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Adorable Porcupine Would Rather You Not Touch His Corn

If you thought porcupines were nothing but prickly blobs who stick their quills in you, think again! They're actually very cute—though those claws are a little intimidating—and not shy about telling you what they think. For instance, Teddy Bear the North American porcupine has a lot to say on the topic of corn! True, he comes off like a cuddly (if you could get past the pokes) curmudgeon, but who can blame him for not wanting to give up his corn on the cob? That stuff is delicious.


[Via Buzzfeed]

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Not that this is about me or anything, but years ago at the San Diego Zoo, a baby porcupine on a harness (OMG!!!) walked across my foot. And I've just never been the same since. That's all I have to say.